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Let The Art of Loving help you stay in the know about the best sex toys and accessories being invented.  Learn about materials, tips on use and remember SMART is SEXY.  Many sex toys now have apps so they can be controlled from a distance even if your partner is out of the country! Long distance has never felt this good before.

Learn more about some of our most popular regularly scheduled seminars, and read about some of the more rare seminars that we hold only occasionally.

Choosing a good book can be a challenge, so each month we feature a different title from our book gallery and give you a review or a more detailed description of its contents.

We’ll help you pick out an explicit DVD to help start off a night of love with your partner or a sexy evening with yourself. As always, they are woman-friendly and sex-positive.

Who exactly makes all these wonderful products? What film makers can I trust for woman-friendly erotica? These are questions answered by the Lovebeat Featured Personalities section. Learn more about erotica writers, film makers, and more, including The Art of Loving’s in-store staff and seminar instructors.

Look back over our past news and see what The Art of Loving has been up to.

Every month The Art of Loving staff comb our resources and offer you a sizzling sex tip that will add a little excitement to your loving. From tips on anal play to advice on having your lover for dessert, our sex tips will leave you with tons of sexy ideas!

At The Art of Loving, we love to support and participate in the local erotic scene here in Vancouver. Read about past events that we have featured, sponsored, or been a part of.