Leatherbeaten is a small but perfectly formed leather company, specialising in hand made whips, floggers and flagellators of the highest quality.   In the business for twenty years their gear offers one of the widest arrays of sensation toys anywhere in the world.  They produce a broad range of bondage items, including blindfolds, restraints, harnesses, CBT gear, collars and a series of BDSM themed introductory kits.  They also work with a variety of materials, including many different types of leather, rubber, silk brocade, rope and just plain weird stuff like seagrass!

There's a world of difference between Leatherbeaten and many of the competitors. What sets them apart is a commitment to quality.  No shareholders to answer to, so they are not driven by the bottom line (so to speak).  What pushes them is the crafters' instinct to build a durable, functional, beautiful piece of work.  They make all of their our own gear, in house, right here, and they stand behind everything they make.  They are based and built in Canada and we like that a lot!  Visit The Art of Loving sex shop in Vancouver to see the full selection or shop online.