We are here to help!

Here at the Art of Loving we take pride in helping our visitors on any number of sensitive issues.

It is our opinion that every adult should feel no shame in their sexual health- which includes the need for self pleasure & masturbation. There are no embarrassing questions for us…. So ask away.

If you are looking to explore a new sexual desire you’re hesitant talking about, keep in mind that you are interacting with sex positive staff.

We work closely with local physio therapy clinics to provide clients quality tools & toys.

You should consult with your family doctor about any issues you may be having, but below are some items sought out by those dealing with some issues.


Erectile dysfunction: Penis pumps 

Menopause & dryness: Water based lubes

Vaginal atrophy: Dilator steps, Dilator kits & Water-based lubes

Premature ejaculation: Sleeves, Sprays & Cages

Pelvic muscle strengthening: Kegel balls & Jade eggs

Penis extensions: Extenders

Painful sex: Stoppers


We also carry a wide variety of books and videos on sexual health & the desire to have better sex / be a better lover.