Strap on Gear

Are you often over welled by the straps and buckles of traditional harnesses? Feel like you need something a bit softer and easy to clean? Then look no further than RodeOH briefs and biker short harnesses.

Made of soft cotton and a built in O ring these bad boys make pegging as easy as slipping on a pair of comfy undies. When your done having fun just chuck them in the washing machine. They also come with a stabilizer so your smaller dildos can be fitted comfortably in the harness. They also have a pocket so they are packer compatible. These don’t give you as much stability as a traditional many strapped harness but with practice they can be just as easy to use.

We have a few on sale in the shop for nearly %50 off standard price, so come on by our Vancouver sex toy shop  and find your fit and make pegging and play a lil easier.