A Little Sexy Assistance

Sex in porn or movies is smooth and uninhibited, free from leg cramps, lube and different body issues. But what if you have a bad knee or a mobility disability? Then its time to get creative with accommodations so you and your partners can have the best sex possible.

Here are some ways you can make sex as enjoyable as possible with or without a disability or accommodation.

Ramps and pillows! Liberator is great for all things sex furniture. Prop your bum up with a wedge or support your back with a ramp. You can also try a doggy style strap for those who can’t be on their knees for extended periods of time. You can also add a fascinator throw for extra cushion and to soak up and expected liquids.

Lubes! Sex can be uncomfortable for so many reasons, meds age or just needing a little less friction. Lube can greatly reduce discomfort. Liquid silk is a forever fan favourite and we also recommend sliquid H2o for the most neutral formula great for anyone with allergies or sensitivities.

Sex can be amazing regardless of accommodations we want to help make those accommodations as smooth as possible. Come by the Art of Loving in Vancouver if you have any questions or requests for other sex toys in vancouver that could help!